A Free Way To Try OpenStack With Your Apps.

The Easiest Way To Try Out OpenStack. We've set up a large, growing cluster of hardware running OpenStack on x86. The best part? It's totally free for you to try & test your apps—thanks to our generous individual and corporate contributors.

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Testing only, please.

Rule No. 1: Remember that TryStack is designed exclusively as a testing sandbox. We wanted a fast, easy way for developers to test code against a real OpenStack environment, without having to stand up hardware themselves. It probably goes without saying that this is not the place for production code - you should host only test code and test servers here. In fact, your account on TryStack will be periodically wiped to help make sure no one account tries to rule tyrannically over our democracy. Play nice in the sandbox!


Just the FAQs, please.


How do I get an account?

Join our Facebook Group. We'll post updates there.  We understand Facebook authentication is not ideal so we'll be working on adding OpenStackID support via OAuth2 in the future.

At the moment, we are approving group requests manually, so please allow up to a couple days to process your request.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to log in with the Facebook link, you must be a member of the TryStack Facebook group. API access is available by resetting your password in the web interface using the settings for your account and selecting API Access.

SETTING UP API ACCESS: Go to Project -> Access & Security -> API Access, and Download OpenStack RC File. Once you have the RC file, go to your account settings (Top right corner facebook id) -> Settings -> API Password, and select Request API password. The password will only be printed once to the screen. Place the password into your RC file and source it from a shell if you want to use the CLI.

How long does creating an account take?

There's a manual approval step in our process, so it may take a little time for you to get access to TryStack. Please be patient.


How do I get help?

There are a few great avenues available to get help. For quick API reference, the OpenStack Compute and OpenStack Identity APIs are well documented at It would also serve you well to spend a moment reading the API Guide. More OpenStack documentation is also available at   You can find us on #trystack on IRC and OpenStack has a very active IRC channel via #openstack. You can quickly connect right in your browser using The FreeNode Browser Client.


What can I do with TryStack?

TryStack resembles the type of cloud environment you can create on your own with OpenStack Software. However, we have set a few sensible limits in place for the good of the project. First, the server instances you launch are only available for 24 hours until the hardware is reclaimed for use by new instances. You can select from several available varieties of images (CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, and OpenSUSE) or upload your own and we'll be adding more. 

How should I use TryStack?

For testing purposes only—TryStack is a testing environment by design. Instances are typically deleted after 24 hours, so for obvious reasons you should NOT put any data on this cloud you don't want to lose.

Wait... the server instances I create won't last forever?

You got it. Scripts run periodically to remove instances after 24-hours. Your instances may also be removed if your account uses more than your allocated project quota of one instance.  Your accounts will never be deleted during the current OpenStack release.

Is there an SLA?

Since this cloud is managed by volunteers in the OpenStack community, there is no SLA. The cloud may go down from time to time for maintenance or to upgrade to the latest release of OpenStack.


Why can't I have more project quota?

When you first get your account, it will be preloaded with a limited quota.

Don't get too hung up on your quota, we have to keep limits in place to prevent abuse.

Get Involved

I'd like to help!

You are speaking our language. TryStack is run by volunteers passionate about helping more and more people experience OpenStack. If you'd like to be involved in our efforts, please request to join the TryStack Facebook Group (and post that you'd like to help) or email
You can also find us on #trystack on or connect via your browser. Thanks for volunteering!